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Trade without fees

Trade seamlessly between BTC and USDC.

The Ledn difference

  • Uninterrupted interest*

    Instant trades mean no missed interest. Your newly purchased asset goes directly into your Savings Account, making sure you never miss an opportunity to earn interest. At Ledn, every little bit counts.

  • No trading fees

    Ledn Trade provides you with a limited time quote. The price we quote is exactly what you pay. No hidden fees.

  • Balance your assets

    Take advantage of market opportunities by adjusting your holdings between BTC and USDC as you see fit.

Join Ledn today

* Interest rates are subject to change, and availability may vary based on jurisdiction. Notice for U.S. Residents: Effective March 1, 2023, U.S. clients will not earn interest on any BTC and/or USDC balance in their Savings Accounts and/or Legacy Savings Accounts.