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Safeguarding Our Clients' Assets

Not all digital asset lenders are created equal. At Ledn, we've always prioritized safeguarding our clients assets. Since its inception, Ledn has behaved differently than many others in this space due to our strong risk management approach.

The Ledn difference

  • Dedicated Chief Investment Officer

    John Glover, our Chief Investment Officer, has extensive experience in risk management that sets the foundation for our practices and policies.

  • Diversified partnerships

    When it comes to our borrowing partners, we only work with qualified institutions that have been vetted through a rigorous due diligence process by our risk management team. This strict underwriting process results in a select group of high quality institutions and continual monitoring of each borrowers' financial position. We have near-daily contact with all of our borrowers at the highest levels within their institutions.

  • Curated asset offerings

    We maintain a carefully curated asset offering. Ledn currently supports only Bitcoin & USDC, two of the highest quality and most liquid assets in the industry.

  • No DeFi yield farming

    Ledn has chosen not to engage in DeFi yield farming strategies with our clients' assets.