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A better home for your digital assets.

Welcome to Ledn

A better home for your bitcoin

Ledn offers a suite of products for you to make the most of your digital assets. Our savings products can provide you with extra yield. Our credit products help you keep your bitcoin and access dollars, or use the borrowed funds to purchase more.

Bitcoin Savings Account

Start earning interest with your bitcoin today! Ledn pays monthly compounded interest so your investment can grow! Interest is calculated and paid in bitcoin.


Compounded Monthly

Dollar Loans Backed by Bitcoin

Keep your bitcoin in insured custody and access dollar loans with Ledn. Bitcoin-backed dollar loans do not create a taxable event and the interest paid may be tax deductible.




Monthly Interest

The Most Trusted Provider of Bitcoin Backed Loans

Andrew W. (Montreal, QC)

Amazing Service! Fast professional and I did not even have to leave my computer to receive my loan in less than an hour. The future is now with Ledn. I highly recommend their services.

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  • Bitcoin Specialists

    Our focus on bitcoin-only services allows us to provide a superior client experience by providing a suite of services for your bitcoin, at the most competitive rates. Got a question about our services or Bitcoin? Our specialists are here to help!

  • Canadian

    Ledn is incorporated under the Federal Laws of Canada and is compliant with Canadian regulations. As such, Ledn is held to the highest standards of consumer protection, data privacy, and customer service. Ledn is not an ICO.

  • Secure

    Ledn is a safe haven for your bitcoin. When you use our credit products your bitcoins are stored in cold storage under insured custody with BitGo, the world’s first Qualified Custodian purpose-built for storing digital assets.

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