Our Core Team

  • Adam J. Reeds

    Adam J. Reeds

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

    Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

    Co-Founder & CSO

  • Mina Botrous

    Mina Botrous


  • Carlos Ng

    Carlos Ng

    Controller & CCO

    • Kenneth Ng

      Kenneth Ng

      Legal Counsel

    • Anton Livaja

      Anton Livaja

      Lead Software Engineer

    • Ivan Arredondo

      Ivan Arredondo

      Software Engineer

    • Robert Valencia

      Robert Valencia

      Software Engineer


  • Qiao Wang

    Qiao Wang

    Independent Investor

  • Jean-Philippe Vergne

    Jean-Philippe Vergne

    Ast. Professor @ Richard Ivey School of Business

  • Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark

    Co-CEO @ Spark Power

  • Basem Hanna

    Basem Hanna

    Co-Founder @ Terrascend & Chairman @ Almega Capital LP

  • Anuroop Duggal

    Anuroop Duggal

    Former Partner @ 3G Capital & Adj. Ast. Professor @ Columbia Business School

  • Colin Evran

    Colin Evran

    Business Development & Operations @ Protocol Labs


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