Control Your Data, Secure Your Assets

Security and Privacy-Centric

Ledn believes that you should control your assets and data. We implement a variety of safety features to safely store your most important assets. Our team brings together a wealth of experience from some of the top banks and financial companies in Canada and the world. We follow best practices and standards demanded from financial institutions.


Our approach to security is holistic and addresses all layers, starting with the physical, through our networks, applications, all the way to your browser. Our site uses HTTPS, passwords and sensitive information is encrypted using AES-256, and all our processes are regulated by strict internal security policies. Additionally, login and specific actions on the platform require 2FA for peace of mind.


We are not in the business of monetizing client data. Ledn does not sell your data to any third party. Client data is never stored on local servers. Data is stored in private networks with strong security protocols.

How Ledn Protects You

  • All data stored or transferred within the Ledn ecosystem is encrypted where possible. Our encryption methods extend from application security to communication and facilitating transactions.

  • At Ledn we believe your data should be private and safely stored. We only use sensitive client data to facilitate transactions and verify identity. The data is never stored on personal devices or downloaded on local servers. You may request to delete or update your account details by contacting us at

  • Two Factor Authentication adds another layer of security and we encourage all clients to activate token based authentication on their Ledn account. Token authentication is currently required for the B2X product but will become a requirement for using the majority of Ledn products. In addition, we require video verification calls for deposit withdrawals above certain limits for added security.

  • To sign up for a Ledn account, we ask for your first name, last name, email and phone number. Date of birth, home address and images of the following may also be required: Government-Issued Photo ID, Selfie holding Government-Issued Photo ID and Proof of Address Document, are required for KYC purposes. Those images must match the data entered by the client.

  • Personal data collected helps Ledn confirm the clients identity and verify that there are no government sanctions levied against them. We also collect personal banking information to ensure we are able to transfer funds to the client. Emails and phone numbers are used for client 2FA Authentication and communication with Ledn support.

  • Payment information is gathered to get the customer's instructions for the disbursement of funds. The data is stored to make it easier for returning customers to re-apply for secondary loans without re-entering stored data.

  • You have the option to make updates to the personal data that you've provided. Updates to your account are currently facilitated by our support team but we aim to make this available online. Changes to personal data will require the user to activate 2FA Authenticator on their account security settings.

  • We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the policy will be posted on our website. Any significant changes, as deemed at Ledn's sole discretion, will be communicated directly via email associated with your account.