Trade without fees
Seamlessly swap between BTC and USDC
Simple trading

Instantly trade between your USDC and BTC and start earning interest the day your trade is executed!

No trading fees

The price we quote is all you pay. Ledn Trade provides you with a quote that you can accept for a limited amount of time.

Balance your assets

Take advantage of market opportunities by adjusting your holdings between BTC and USDC as you see fit.

Always earning

All of the assets you trade start earning market leading interest on the same day it is executed.

How Ledn Trading Works
    How do I trade Bitcoin or USDC on Ledn?

    Using the trading feature at Ledn is fast and simple. Go to Trade in the main menu of the app, select the amount you want to trade, confirm your order and that’s it! You can also access this feature from your BTC or USDC Savings Account page.

    How are the prices determined?

    The prices displayed on Ledn Trade represent the total cost of your transaction, with no additional fees, and no surprises. Ledn aggregates prices from multiple liquidity sources and provides time-locked price quotes that you can review and accept for the seamless execution of your buy or sell trade.

    How do I start earning interest when I trade?

    At Ledn, your savings account are the home base for our trading product - meaning you’re always earning interest in between trades. Every time you place a trade, your Bitcoin or USDC starts earning interest immediately after the trade is settled - as it goes directly to your Bitcoin or USDC Savings Account. There’s no additional steps for you to take - just place the trade and we take care of the rest.

    What assets can I trade?

    Ledn supports Bitcoin and USDC for its Trading and Savings Accounts products. Ledn clients can trade between their Bitcoin and USDC accounts seamlessly. Stay tuned as we will be adding support for additional assets in the near future.

    So, do I earn interest the day I trade?

    Yes. You earn interest on whatever USDC or Bitcoin balance is held in your Savings Account at 11:59 PM EST daily regardless of whether you traded that USDC or Bitcoin that day. For example, if during the day you trade USDC for Bitcoin you will earn interest for that day for that Bitcoin but not for the USDC you used to buy that Bitcoin.

    How can I open a Ledn account and start trading?

    Opening a Ledn account takes less than 2 minutes. Once your account is registered, simply verify your KYC profile and send funds to your Bitcoin or USDC Savings account. Once you have a balance on either account, you are able to start trading right away.

    What can I do to keep my Ledn account safe?

    The security of your account is our top priority. There are several security features that we have made available to you, such as Two-Factor Token Authentication, Safelisting, and Anti-Phishing Codes. Enabling them can materially enhance the security of your account. If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to switch from SMS to Token Two-Factor Authentication, or Token 2FA, as soon as possible. Doing so helps reduce the risk that your phone line or SIM card is compromised and used in an attempt to fraudulently access your Ledn account. We also strongly recommend that you use the Safelisting feature. You can learn more about safelisting here.

    Is Trading available worldwide?

    Ledn Trade is available in select countries and select U.S. states. We are rapidly growing the coverage area so click here to contact us about your specific region. Click here if you would like to be informed when Trade launches in your region.

    How long does it take to place a trade?

    Once you click on “confirm order” you will receive a Success message advising you that your trade has been completed. Your new assets will be displayed in your Bitcoin or USDC Savings Account. You will also get an email confirming the details of the trade.

    Is there a trading max?

    You have a max single trade limit of $2M USD (or equivalent amount in bitcoin) currently and a $5M USD trade limit per day. Please visit our Trading Terms for all the terms and conditions governing your trading activity.

Ready to trade?