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Tools and Information to grow your bitcoin

In addition to Ledn’s Bitcoin Savings Account and Bitcoin-backed Loans, Ledn is proud to release a service to help users make the most of their bitcoin. B2X is a service that allows users to increase the bitcoin they hold, facilitated through a Ledn Bitcoin-backed Loan and a bitcoin purchase. A quick and simple way to double your bitcoin balance.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Ledn?
    We are a diverse, Toronto-based team committed to building world-class financial services catered to the crypto-economy. Please visit our team page to meet us and get in touch.
  • What services do you offer?
    Ledn offers a suite of products for you to make the most of your digital assets. Our savings products can provide you with extra yield. Our credit products help you keep your bitcoin and access dollars, or use the borrowed funds to purchase more.
  • Are there any risks associated with buying, selling, or holding digital assets, or entering into a transaction involving digital assets with Ledn?
    Yes. You should understand the risks involved before trading digital assets. Some of these risks are:
    • The value of digital assets can be extremely volatile and unpredictable, and you can experience significant loss in a short period of time.
    • The regulation of digital assets continues to evolve across the globe, which may restrict the use of digital assets or otherwise impact the demand for digital assets.
    • The nature of digital assets may lead to an increased risk of fraud or cyber-attack.
    • Any digital assets held on the Ledn platform are not protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other investor protection insurance scheme anywhere in the world.
    • If you have posted digital assets as collateral for a loan and the value of digital assets decreases, you may be required to deposit additional digital assets as collateral for the loan. We may also liquidate digital assets posted as collateral, in whole or in part, by selling such digital assets, but you remain responsible for any deficiency which exists after the net proceeds of dispositions are credited against any amounts owing by you to us.
    • We may hold your digital assets in our name or in another name, and we may pledge, repledge, hypothecate, rehypothecate, sell, lend, or otherwise transfer or use any amount of such crypto assets, separately or together with other property, with all attendant rights of ownership, and for any period of time and without retaining a like amount of crypto asset, and use or invest such digital assets. We will use our commercial best efforts to prevent losses but there is a risk of loss.
    Check out the Risk Disclosure Statement section of our Terms of Service, which can be accessed here.
  • Is Ledn an ICO?
  • Can I withdraw my bitcoin collateral during my Ledn loan?
    No, the bitcoin collateral securing the loan will be returned to you when the loan is fully repaid. You can repay the loan at any time without penalties.
  • What type of information will I need to provide?
    Ledn requires all borrowers to provide identity information for our KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. We do not run a credit check on our customers.
Savings Account
  • How long do incoming bitcoin transfers take to get posted to my account?
    Transactions sent to your Bitcoin Savings Account will be posted after 1 confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain. This process typically takes about 10 minutes depending on the transaction fee selected by the sender and the Bitcoin network traffic. When possible, it is best to use the QR code to obtain the bitcoin address directly from the Ledn platform to reduce the risk of errors while copying and pasting, or manually typing the address.
Bitcoin-backed Dollar Loans
  • What type of collateral do you accept for Ledn loans?
    We currently accept bitcoin (BTC) as collateral for our Dollar Loans or B2X loans.
  • Can I repay my loan using bitcoin?
    Yes! Customers have the choice of repaying with dollars or with bitcoin.
  • Can I get a longer-term loan?
    Customers have the option to extend the loan when the original 12-month term ends.
  • What is the interest rate on a Ledn loan?
    We charge simple interest of per annum.
  • What is the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) of a Ledn loan?
    The loan is contracted in either US Dollars or USD Coin (USDC). Generally, our loans are issued at around 50% of the value of the bitcoin collateral used to secure the loan, which is what 50% LTV means. That is, the funds you borrow represent 50% of the value of your bitcoin collateral.

    Please find more information about Ledn loan management tips here.
  • What loan duration is available?
    We offer a simple 12-month term to all our customers. Your current balance can be paid back at any time without penalties.
  • When are payments due?
    Ledn loans offer an innovative repayment schedule which requires you to make only one payment when you close the loan. Monthly interest payments are not required.
  • Are there penalties if I pay back my Ledn loan before the end of the 12-month term?
    No, we do not charge any prepayment penalties.
  • What happens if the bitcoin price increases?
    Any gain in the value of bitcoin is yours to keep. You only ever owe the balance of your Ledn loan, which is pre-determined and not affected by the bitcoin price.
  • Do you offer international loans?
    Yes! Please contact us to see if your country currently qualifies for a Ledn loan.