Bitcoin-backed Dollar Loans
Get the funds you need, keep the bitcoin you love

Borrow, internationally

Bitcoin-backed loans are a fast and convenient way to access dollars without having to sell your bitcoin. There are many advantages to using a dollar loan instead of selling to receive dollars. You get to keep all of the upside of your bitcoin position. You do not create a taxable event, and most importantly, you get to keep your bitcoin. Once the loan is repaid, your bitcoin is sent back to you.


We are the first digital asset lending company in the crypto industry to complete a Proof-of-Reserves by Armanino LLP. We plan for these procedures to be conducted semi-annually. Each client with a balance on the Ledn platform at the time that the procedures are performed can use a unique hashed ID to confirm that Ledn accurately accounted for their balances.


Loans are funded within 24 hours of approval. Pay off your loans at any time without penalties. No monthly payments are required.

Tax Efficient

Exchanging bitcoin for dollars is a taxable event while taking a loan with Ledn is not. All interest expenses for the loan may be tax deductible.

How Ledn Bitcoin-Backed Loans Work

  • Applying for a Ledn bitcoin-backed loan takes less than 2 minutes! To submit a loan application you will need to provide: a copy of your government-issued identification document, a copy of your proof-of-address document, and an image of you holding your government-issued ID, and your bank account details for funding.

  • When the bitcoin collateral is not lent out by Ledn to institutional borrowers, it is stored at BitGo.

  • No, the bitcoin collateral securing the loan will be returned to you when the loan is fully repaid. You can repay the loan at any time without penalties.

  • We will notify you to top-up the bitcoin collateral securing the loan. This means you will need to transfer additional bitcoin to the loan collateral address to rebalance the loan to value ratio. You may instead repay your outstanding loan balance at any time without penalties. If the bitcoin price continues to drop without any action from you, Ledn may sell your bitcoin collateral to repay the loan balance outstanding at that time and any remaining bitcoin will be sent to your bitcoin savings account.

  • Any gain in the value of bitcoin is yours to keep. You only ever owe the balance of your Ledn loan, which is pre-determined and not affected by the bitcoin price.

  • Yes! Please contact us to see if your country currently qualifies for a Ledn loan.